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Celebrate Purim with Mishloach Manot!

The mitzvah of sending greetings and giving Mishloach Manot (snacks and gifts) to your friends, relatives, and fellow congregants is a wonderful Jewish tradition to celebrate Purim. Beth El would like to help you perform this mitzvah by providing Mishloach Manot on your behalf to be distributed among the community.

Beth El will provide a Mishloach Manot box containing delicious hamantaschen for our members, faculty and staff. Attached to each box will be a greeting card listing the names of people who made a donation in the person’s honor. If you would like your name to appear on the greeting card of someone’s Mishloach Manot, then simply select their name and pay $5 per name. If you would like your name to appear on the greeting card of every name on the list, simply check the appropriate box. There is a significant discount for choosing this option.

Placing An Order:

  1. By mail (print the form, fill them out and send them in)

Receiving A Box:

  1. Delivery: An awesome Beth El volunteer will make a contactless delivery to your house.Please call the office at (412) 561-1168 or email if you prefer to pick up at Beth El.
  2. If you do not wish to receive your Mishloach Manot, we will donate to the needy on your behalf.
  3. Shipping for out-of-town recipients is available at $36/box.

Reserving Extra Boxes:
A limited number of extra boxes are available for members to purchase for college students, family, or friends. They can be picked up, delivered, or shipped.

Donations to the Needy:
In keeping with the tradition of giving tzedakah on Purim, Beth El will donate a number of Mishloach Manot to the needy.

Other ways to help:

Consider making an additional donation to help underwrite the cost of this project.  Volunteer to help assemble or deliver.

By participating in this project, you will be fulfilling a mitzvah, remembering friends and family, and supporting our Congregation. Please call the Beth El office at (412) 561-1168 if you have any questions. Beth El thanks you, as will your family and friends when they receive Mishloach Manot and greetings from you.

Thu, December 7 2023 24 Kislev 5784